Urinalysis for the Physician's Office Lab and Students.


Part I: Specimen Collection and Gross Chemical Analysis

A. Specimen Collection and gross/chemical analysis
1. Introduction and CLIA regulations
2. Sample Collection
3. Quality Assurance
4. Gross or Physical Exam
5. Chemical Analysis on urine: (Reagent Strip/Dipstick Analysis)
a. Proper use of reagent strips
b. Confirmation tests
B. Interpretation of Gross and Chemical Analysis

Part II. The Urine Microscopic Examination

A. Introduction
B. Preparing the sample for analysis
C. Elements commonly found in the urine sediment
D. Pathological elements in urine sediments

CME Test for Urinalysis Part I
CME Practice test for Urinalysis Part I

CME Test for Urinalysis Part II
CME Practice test for Urinalysis Part II

Urine Analysis Comment Form

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